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  • As the title said it, I am starting to draw, to provide you with unlimited content in various forms, and with material whenever I won’t find fitting pictures 😀
    I hope you enjoy those little attempts of mine, based on some existing models to begin slowly 🙂

  • – I still don’t understand why you brought this strap on dildo with you this afternoon
    – Told you, I wanted to see your moaning face, and we are just between girls. It is ok
    – Not really, it is kind of weird…You sound like that pervert that spies on us all the time when you say this
    – Don’t bother him, he disappeared. To celebrate, I wanted to buy the dildo for us. DOn’t you want to try my gift? I will be sad otherwise…
    – Ok…just for this time then…Whoa, feels like the real thing
    – Yeah, I paid a lot for it. Come on, slide it all inside of you!

    What Emma didn’t know, was that her best friend Anna had been turned into a skinsuit by Adam, the pervert that was spying on the two busty milf, and jumped on the opportunity to do more when he found the costume gun.

    – Your pussy is so tight, slut! Like this bitch boobs, they are made for sex, hahaha!
    – How can you feel my inside…? This roleplay is a little weird
    – As soon as I fondle those fucking tits, I can’t concentrate and keep pretending. I had to fake being sick to stay at this slut home for 3 days before I could control myself and stop trying to slide anything inside of me!
    And now seeing my dick in your juicy pussy, turns me on so much, I feel wet, horny, and about to cum, hahaha!
    – Whoa…what is going into you? For a moment, it was like I was fucking the pervert…Could you please stop, this is embarrassing…

    Seeing that he may have been too far, he tried to focus on the character, despite feeling his member inside Emma that he has been lusting on for so long, as with Anna that he was now wearing.
    Anna’s face suddenly saddened, before turning a little red.

    – I am sorry I…it is because I always loved you, and seeing us this intimate makes me want to roleplay…
    – You…what? I don’t know what to say…you are my best friend and…
    – Doesn’t it feels good being together like this? I want to kiss you…rub my fat tits on yours…
    – I…it’s…

    Before she could finish her sentence, Anna grabbed her head, kissing her deeply.

    – No more talk, let me fuck your slut body until you start to squirt my cum~

  • I am so sorry Charlotte to have borrowed your body for the day.

    I wanted to be sure you would be nice and the perfect girl for my best friend, I wanted to be sure you were as wonderful as he described it to me.

    I promised to stay as a spectator, only borrowing your memories for a short time to pass as you.

    But I dug too deep and ended up remembering your deepest pleasure, and as they flooded me, I couldn’t control them while in front of my friend, and here we are…his member balls deep inside of your awesome body, making me lose touch with reality.

    This is way too good…I feel myself fading away…I only want him more…inside of me ~

  • – Oh, hey honey! How are you? How is it going with your two friends?
    Pretty well I would say, they are really nice, especially Eric, he has a big…sense of humor!
    And about John? Well, he is a wanker, probably soon a sucker too!
    When are you joining us? Oh, in an hour or two?
    Ok ok, take your time, I am licking on a lollipop right now…a bit salty…
    Love you, kisses! ~

    – You were really convincing.
    What was he thinking letting his crush with us…I mean, I had the costume gun, so it would be only natural for us to…enjoy her a bit, so as good friends, we could be able to give him advice you know.
    Now that you are done with the phone, what about we discover how tight her pussy is?
    Come on bro, slide on my dick!

  • “I told you bro, this would be an amazing experience to cheat the swap class, to make us take over the two hot lesbians of the class”

    “I thought you would never ask~”

    “For once, I have to admit this is amazing…her tits rubbing on mine like that…I feel so wet down there…”

    “You mean, MY tits on yours, haha! Yeah same here, I can barely contain myself…want to put in practice all of our internet knowledge about girls on girls?”

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