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  • Those boobs…they are feeling so incredible!
    I can’t believe I had them right next to me and could never get a hand on them…before today of course~
    Maybe I should ask my cousin to come more often to my house from now on.
    This toxic brat doesn’t deserve such a hot slutty body, teasing me like this because she is older than me, knowing we are blood-related.
    Well, now we are…blood bonded, hahaha!
    I can go wherever I want as her, do whatever I wish with her life, and just give her body back when I get tired of getting nailed by my whole group of friends.
    I am sure Todd won’t mind being the first one to lose his virginity with my cousin…or now…with me ~
    Oh shit, aunty calling for dinner!
    “Yeah aun…I mean yeah mom, we…I mean I am coming!”
    Damn, even shouting with her voice makes me want to just stay there and hear my moan all day long.
    Tonight will be exciting, I will just have to explain to aunty that ‘my little cousin’ went away, and ask if one of his friends can come to sleep at the house this night.
    this promise to be a lot of fun ~

  • I think it will do fine!
    Thank you for this awesome body miss Smith, this ass sure was a pleasure to play with since I got into you ~
    I am sure the daughter of the CEO can walk around the company freely and get an employee out of the boring meetings.
    After all, who would even want to reprimand her if someone caught her having some fun with an employee?
    First, let’s just confuse my friend by sending him a sexy pic of that hot piece, with the little addition of the latex pants I bought this afternoon.
    Then, the part two…let’s burst into his meeting and see how many of his colleagues I can get jealous of ~

  • – Whoa you really did take over her?
    – Yes haha, do you like what you are seeing?
    – I can’t say no…you took over the hottest girl from work
    – I have something for you, the very shy Sandra has an OnlyFans account…or maybe she had her account opened for curiosity?
    – What, you are serious?
    – SexySand is her nickname
    – Whoaaaaaaa!
    – But she did only nudes…I mean…wanna take her account to the next level? Let’s make her jump to porn~
    – I am at her flat in 10 min!

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