Control Collar

Aaaaaaaah, what a relief!
Next time I see something on sale on this website, I am definitely going to buy a heck of tons of their products.
I was hesitant at first when I saw an ad on my emails, stating there was a website selling a Control Collar for humans, at half the price.
It was one hell of timing to receive it on the same day the cute young intern that I am training, came to my place to give me some documents and work on the next big meeting during our home office day.
My luck is that she is very curious, otherwise, she wouldn’t have tried the collar, and looked in the void, petrified, waiting for an order from me.
Sure, I could have taken it off her but…where would be the fun?
Asking her to be my little cum slut, and suck me nice and slow while I relax, playing some video games, is also a way better option, don’t you think?
I wouldn’t have expected her to be this good, I just can’t beat this boss every time her tongue runs on my tip!
Ah fuck it, let’s pause the game and have all those clothes removed for the next part of the fun, shall we?

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