Painting without Protection

I couldn’t know it before my mate opened the thin lid protecting the paint container, that this fucker messed up the order again, and bought the paint from the first website he found.

If only he knew what the NewLife company was infamous for, he wouldn’t have probably taken this material on their website.
I don’t think he realized that as soon as he slashed the paint all over his hand, his body started to reshape, into a young, sexy girly version of himself.

That’s what NewLife was known for, making products that would turn you into the exact opposite of what you actually were, with often unwanted side effects, which made them unpopular and go bankrupt some months ago, despite their product still being sold.

My mate was an old fat man, so he got turned into a young sexy fit chick.
As for the side effects, you may ask?
Overly excited, nymphomaniac and the reshaping process made him drop his clothes almost completely, so now, I am looking at this sexy chick painting the same way my old buddy was used to.
Every time she rubs the brush on the wall, she moans gently, moving her butt sexily.
I really hope she doesn’t look at me right now, I don’t think I am ready to have her ride me raw, knowing who she used to be…

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