Blog Exclusive: I will rush to my lab

Todd is a genius, and he invented a way to turn people into wearable skinsuits.
As he presented me with his latest finding, his sister walked into his room to take her charger back.
However, surprised, Todd let the costume gun fall, firing at Emma, his sister, who immediately crumbled into a pile of skin.

“Oh fuck!” He said, rushing her sister’s empty husk before looking back at the costume gun, which had a part scattered on the ground.
“Ooooooh shit!”

“What are you going to do?” I asked, looking at Todd who seemed highly concerned, wanting to help.

“I will take this and rush to my lab to repair it. Meanwhile, I count on you to look over her. Call me if whatever happens!” Todd rushed, throwing his sister’s skin on the bed, before picking up the remains of the costume gun, running out of his place, and leaving me alone in his bedroom with what was left of his sister to take care of.

Out of curiosity, I slid my hand inside the skinsuit and immediately felt it reshape over mine.
I touched it and caressed it gently before using it to do the same on my body, and to my surprise, it felt both mine and a different body.

Making sure Todd was gone, I took all of my clothes away and began to wear Emma as if she was just a costume.
Weirdly, her inside felt hot and sweet.

“Ah shit, I got a boner…” I said to myself, feeling my dick hardening as Emma’s skin pressed on mine.

Trying to ignore this, I finished wearing her skin, aligning her face with mine.
At the moment I released it, her skin began to press on mine, engulfing my body in heat.
I felt my inside moving, my parts disappearing, and after a moment, I felt whole again.

Except for the weight I had on my chest and the fact I was not feeling my erection any more.
I looked down, and in place of the man’s bum, I usually saw, a pair of boobs were hanging down.
To have stared at them often whenever I could, I recognized them as Emma’s.

“I became… Even my voice, oh my god!” I said, now using Emma’s voice.

Without losing a second, I immediately groped her bare tits with her hands, fondling them lustfully, feeling their weight.
I loved every second of it.
It felt brand new.
Every parcel of the skin of her tits was sensitive, and it was precise as if someone was caressing my balls, but without the pain and in a much more substantial aspect.

As I continued, I couldn’t stop myself from gently moaning, getting even more turned on from hearing Emma’s cute moans.
The more I pinched her nipples, the more I felt her legs becoming numb and something wet slowing going down.

I put a hand on her pussy, and almost got surprised at how wet it was.
I was so excited; Emma’s body reacted to it, and her sensual lips dripped from her love juice.

Not only that, but I began to caress it gently and couldn’t stop myself again from moaning at how pleasurable it felt.
Feeling my legs getting numb, I sat on the couch nearby and fingered myself again.

I couldn’t and didn’t want to resist the incoming urge, so as I sat down, a boob in my hand, I used the other to slide one, then two fingers inside Emma’s vagina.

An electric shock of pleasure ran through my spine and made me shiver as I moaned even louder.

“Oh my god! That’s what girls feel?” I said as Emma, my hand out as the pleasure surprised me.
I put it back on her lips, ready to slide other fingers inside again.
“I can’t stop. It feels too good~”

I slid three fingers inside and didn’t stop this time, furiously masturbating in Emma’s body.
I couldn’t help it and moaned loudly, again and again, every time I felt my fingers wrapped inside my vagina.
I probably came once or twice in a raw, I couldn’t remember, my mind going black as my fingers kept trusting inside of Emma’s pussy.

Grabbing her boobs doing so was an awesomely lousy idea, her skin becoming more sensitive, making me jump from pleasure even faster until I couldn’t hold anything any more.

I fingered myself the fattest way I could, feeling the ultimate climax coming.

I came, discovering the woman’s orgasm, Emma’s fluid dripping on the couch as I shivered.

It took me some time to recover, both spiritually and physically.

I was so dazzled that I didn’t hear the man coming behind me.

“Masturbating in the living room, just like that in the middle of nowhere? I knew my stepdaughter was a whore, enjoying teasing me by walking barely covered in the house without me even being able to taste a bit of this body. But I see you are ready, and I can’t just walk away now that I heard you moan!” The man said, making me jump out of surprise.

I turned my head toward him and realised he was completely naked, all of his clothes on the ground.
When has he taken them down? This question came into my head before I realised he was going between my legs, his hands grabbing my legs.

Too dazzled to move, I watched hopelessly as he aligned his dick with my vagina, tapping on it with a smirk.

“Wait no, no n…Ooooooooh!~” I was about to complain before he inserted himself inside of me, making me moan once more.
It felt even better than before, every part of my inside getting rubbed by its full member.

“Finally! For years since I married your mom, I had to watch your ass move around this place without being able to touch it. Who could have thought you were this dirty?” The stepfather smirked as he moved his hips.
“You don’t want it? You seem to like taking it inside of you. Your pussy keeps squeezing my dick every time I move it”

“What is this…Is this what it is like to have sex as a girl? I feel like I am about to faint with every thrust!” I thought, my mind going blank again as I got filled with pleasure.
I wanted to tell him to stop, but the pleasure was too much, I couldn’t think straight, and despite the fact I was getting fucked by a man, I let it go entirely, wrapping my legs around his hips so he could thrust deeper into me.

He smirked as I did that, grabbing my tits firmly.
It was so intense it felt a bit painful, but quickly it turned into pleasure, and I took his second hand to put it on my other boob.
He grabbed it, too, massaging my chest as he kept thrusting harder inside of me.

I moaned loudly, and I couldn’t help but feel light and happy.
I felt everything. It was heavenly.

At one point, his dick shivered inside of me, and before realising what was happening, I felt his hot cum flood my inside, making him groan a bit as he emptied his ball inside of Emma’s womb.
He slid himself away and with a smirk, looked at the mess I was, my legs wild open on the couch, panting down after being fucked hard.

“Your mother isn’t as half as good as your college’s girl pussy. I was thinking about living with her, but having such a whore as a stepdaughter is enough to make me stay,” The stepfather smirked, picking up his clothes before putting them on.
“I am counting on you for some more fun”

“Yes~” I replied, still wondering if I was in a dream.

The stepfather headed out of the house, and after getting my mind back, I stood up, feeling my pussy dripping with cum.

Realising the time, I remembered Todd saying he wouldn’t be long.
Not wanting him to know about what happened, I tried to take off Emma’s skinsuit.

I looked for an opening and tried to pull off her skin, expecting it to break.
I began to panic as I realised I couldn’t remove it.

I was stuck as Emma.
What would Todd say about that? I became anxious about how to explain everything to him.

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