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Thank you for the body, Stacey !
You should have thought twice before mocking me when I said I finally managed to invent a swapping device.
Now I have my genius-level brain, and your awesome slut body to play with whenever I feel a little down…which shouldn’t happen much, with boobs like yours.
Perfect inside…and outside !
And the best…I can’t wait to bounce your fat ass on every dick of my friends you loved to call nerds, that helped me finish my project.
Have fun, hahaha!

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Closer than you think

No mister policeman, I haven’t seen this loose criminal at all, I promise, stop bothering me so much!
Oh, he stole a costume gun prototype? What does this weapon even do?
Top Secret? You can’t tell me anything? Alright then, keep your secrets…
You know it is very rude to stare at a woman’s crotch like that, do you?
Maybe I should give you a little reward for your hard work…I had barely time to play with this body you know…I mean…I am so lonely, my husband is very far ~
Take this pant off, and fuck this slut body like if you had caught the thief.
After all, he may be closer than you think…maybe~

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Do Me Quick

“Dude, what the fuck?”
“What, you told me to find you some melons, as your wife asked for the dinner”
“The fruit, damnit! I never told you to possess this bimbo!”
“Oh, I am sorry mister, I think I didn’t understand well what you are saying to me…are you trying to seduce me?~”
“Stop playing with her body in the open like that, and hop out of her”
“You want to play with me in the open, just like that? That’s nasty, I love it~”
“Don’t press her boobs on me like that…Uuuurgh, why do I have to be friend with a body hopper…”
“Because you know it is awesome. And don’t tell me you want to stay neutral to her pair…look at that… I think she was with her husband or something when I possessed her…they were probably teasing each other, I feel really wet down there~”
“Then bring her back before we get into trouble”
“Not before you fuck me hard and quick and enjoy those tits. Then I will hope out of her~”
“Ok, I think I don’t have many choices anyway. Good for you that I spotted this chick long before you hopped her, and that I already wished I could bang that”
“I knew it, hihi! Quick, do me in this empty aisle, I feel like the ice cream around us is going to melt for a good reason~”

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Skinsuit of a Slime

I am still so amazed by the powers I got with this skinsuit of a slime.
At first, when the suit morphed with me, I became a gooey version of myself, unable to maintain my shape.
Hopefully, I could always take the suit off to revert the process.
But in the meantime, my cute yoga instructor came into my flat, and I think nothing of this would have happened if she wasn’t about to scream…
I wouldn’t have probably jumped on her to try to calm her, and unexpectedly merge with her, my slimy shape entering her by every possible hole, as if she were a sponge.
And now here I am, in her body.
I won’t complain, she is cute, and I realized she became the suit itself, that I could now take off as easily as before.
Only difference…I didn’t remember her being so…bubbly as if she were half slime.
I can’t complain much either…for the time I dreamed about playing with this perfect butt, I can now run some fingers on her vagina…and looking at myself doing it through her yoga pant is making me wet down there…
The only missing thing is…nice…being slimy has its perk, making her tits grow to my liking.
Oh gosh, those next yoga lessons are about to get really…hot ~

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A little change

– I still don’t understand why you brought this strap on dildo with you this afternoon
– Told you, I wanted to see your moaning face, and we are just between girls. It is ok
– Not really, it is kind of weird…You sound like that pervert that spies on us all the time when you say this
– Don’t bother him, he disappeared. To celebrate, I wanted to buy the dildo for us. DOn’t you want to try my gift? I will be sad otherwise…
– Ok…just for this time then…Whoa, feels like the real thing
– Yeah, I paid a lot for it. Come on, slide it all inside of you!

What Emma didn’t know, was that her best friend Anna had been turned into a skinsuit by Adam, the pervert that was spying on the two busty milf, and jumped on the opportunity to do more when he found the costume gun.

– Your pussy is so tight, slut! Like this bitch boobs, they are made for sex, hahaha!
– How can you feel my inside…? This roleplay is a little weird
– As soon as I fondle those fucking tits, I can’t concentrate and keep pretending. I had to fake being sick to stay at this slut home for 3 days before I could control myself and stop trying to slide anything inside of me!
And now seeing my dick in your juicy pussy, turns me on so much, I feel wet, horny, and about to cum, hahaha!
– Whoa…what is going into you? For a moment, it was like I was fucking the pervert…Could you please stop, this is embarrassing…

Seeing that he may have been too far, he tried to focus on the character, despite feeling his member inside Emma that he has been lusting on for so long, as with Anna that he was now wearing.
Anna’s face suddenly saddened, before turning a little red.

– I am sorry I…it is because I always loved you, and seeing us this intimate makes me want to roleplay…
– You…what? I don’t know what to say…you are my best friend and…
– Doesn’t it feels good being together like this? I want to kiss you…rub my fat tits on yours…
– I…it’s…

Before she could finish her sentence, Anna grabbed her head, kissing her deeply.

– No more talk, let me fuck your slut body until you start to squirt my cum~

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